Feb 11, 2013

to tube or not to tube

People reviewing beer on youtube (also known as beertubers) are a growing bunch. Lots of passion for the craft and they want to share their excitement with the world.
I guess I do too.
So far I've confined my adoration to text via blogger and txts sent to my partner in beercrime, who I will refer to only as M.O.M. (no, not my mother). He knows what it stands for.
The question is now that I have a new 'puter that can do slick video stuff should I step out in front of the lens and proclaim my wub and dismiss the fact that I really don't know anything? Perhaps.
All I know is that being a ticker is fun. Trying all kinds of wacky, wild, amazing, and sometimes tough to find beer is a great hobby. Being a resident of the oppressed Ontario legislature gives me little in the way of beer selection especially down in the dirty SW corner of the province.
But our big brother's state of MI has plenty to chose from. That, and I get beer mailed to me from all over including CA, MN, WA, FL and recently NJ via beertrade/BIF (as noted in an earlier post).

Time will tell. But I am thinking about it.
Stay tuned?

Update: 2/18/13
I have been having more thoughts on this. There are quite a few Canadian beertubers out there.
Perhaps a combining of forces could yield more views for everyone. Just a thought. Beergeeknation-esque? Sure. But its not a new concept, maybe just new to beer bloggers.
I may need to start posting a video or two first.

review no.5: Kuhnhenn Bourbon Barrel 4th Dimentia


Hype and hooplah. This beer typically shows its face at the Winter Solstice party on Dec.21 but the brewery just didn't have it ready on time. Bonus for me as I wasn't in attendance. Instead I picked it up at my leisure weeks later after work. I am very lucky to have Kuhnhenn as close to me as I do, even if I have to pay near $5 each way in toll to get there.

Appearance: deep ruby and brown, very little head on an aggressive pour that disappeared immediately.
Smell: sweet malty bomb, but not cloying (new favorite word I lifted from a couple BGN guys). Lots of dark fruits, syrupy, molasses sweetness. Yummy.
Taste: Candy in liquid form. Much like the nose, but there is a pungency with the yeasts being used that keep this from being a hot sticky sweet mess. Great balance considering what a monster this is.
Mouthfeel: big, soft, velvet with a little kick up the nostrils.
Overall: 5 / 5

I love this beer. Could be one of my all time favorites of any style.

Feb 8, 2013

review no4: Maui CoCoNut Porter

Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty mama!

Been sitting on this one for a bit. Courtesy of Letspour. The more I sip it the better it tastes. So, this needs a review.

Appearance: heavy brown. Big frothy roasty cream head that barely clings and falls quietly down the sides of my Bruery snifter.
Smell: Smells like Mounds (chocolate bar with coconut filling). Slight roast, but big on the chocolate with some decent smoke. A little nutty as well.
Taste: Light, silky, smooth but not thin. Really a nice mix of chocolate, a salty and roasty something and a very slight bitterness. Really enjoyable.
Mouthfeel: Medium body that flows nicely.
Overall: 4.0 / 5